Our team has deep experience changing the way businesses work. From shaping business strategy, to designing product and service experiences, we are united by a passion for human-centered innovation.

How we're different

There are three major ways that we shift the paradigm. One is by recognizing that every interaction we as humans have is an exchange of value. For business to find success, those exchanges needs to be equitable for all parties.

Two, is by understanding that these interactions are all a part of a unique and interwoven ecosystem. By leaving product thinking for ecosystem thinking we are able to deliver business outcomes that are organically healthy.

Finally, we change the paradigm from inside-out business thinking to outside-in thinking. By understanding the human value exchange from the outside-in we're able to truly find where the most valuable opportunities exist.

Shift's leadership

Jake Truemper

Jake is an innovation-minded leader, teacher, and visual thinker with a passion for methodology and collaboration. He is heavily involved in the St. Louis Experience community, and is a regular speaker at colleges, interest groups and conferences. Jake has led Experience Design initiatives for more than 60 businesses across a variety of industries, including fortune 500 companies, as well as mid-market, and startups.


Some clients Jake has served include: Lexmark International, Nestle Purina, Express Scripts, Monsanto, Post Foods, Scottrade, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Reinsurance Group of America (RGA), Sargento Cheese, ING Group, Maritz Holdings Inc, Sigma Aldrich, and Wells Fargo Advisors.

Keith Pelkey

Keith is an expert at crafting strategic and operational business solutions by merging Human-Centered Design techniques and Six Sigma methods.  He is a thought leader in the education and structuring of customer and workforce experience solutions that deliver measurable profitability and growth for companies. Keith has been recruited by multiple US and International companies as an executive coach to improve people and process performance.

Industries served include: Automotive, Aerospace, Banking Pharmaceutical, Medical, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Military. Specific clients: Baxter, Selig, Boeing, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Thompson Multi-Media and numerous others.


"Keith Pelkey has incredible skills in helping clients effectively frame problems, design solutions and deliver results.  His high degree of common sense, coupled with a terrific set of tools that helps set a path forward and the steps needed to follow that path. I have utilized his skills while leading two different organizations and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.

"The Shift team will help businesses understand the true perspective their customers have with their products and services. Armed with these customer insights, the solutions designed will deliver pinpointed, meaningful results to both the customers and the company’s bottomline." 

John J. Case

President, Fashion Bed Group

Formerly CEO, Electrolux North America