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About Shift


We have deep experience changing the way businesses work.

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Outside-In Mindset

Over time businesses develop their own culture of thinking. This thinking is often projected outward onto customers, and frequently fails to deliver value to either party. We call this "inside-out" thinking.

At Shift, we are experts at shifting business mindsets from inside-out, to outside in. We apply this strategically, finding the sweet-spot between business value and customer desires.

Value Exchange

Every interaction we as humans have is an exchange of value. For businesses to find success those exchanges need to be equitable for all parties.


Whether it's your customer, your employee, a partner or distributor, identifying the right value balance is essential to drive a healthy, thriving business.

Ecosystem Thinking

Human-Centered thinking is often tied to technology interfaces, or what we'll call "product thinking." This can either lead businesses to zoom in too tight on individual interactions (not seeing the forest for the trees), or wholly neglect all other influences on a vast ecosystem of interactions.

By understanding that these interactions are all a part of a unique and interwoven human experience we are able to deliver business outcomes that are organically healthy long-term.


We put people at the center of business

Whether it's hands-on customer research, or co-creation of future-state solutions, direct involvement of the people tied to experiences is essential.

We operate strategically

If you identify the wrong problem to solve, it doesn't matter how human-centered you are in the solution.

We're agile

By embracing flexibility as a strategy we can achieve more. Fail fast, learn, and iterate. You don't need six months to gain insights.

We understand the "altitude" of your problem

You may be defining your strategy with a 40,000 foot view, or trying to activate teams at ground level, we know altitude.


Our framework for success starts with the identification and framing of opportunities, progresses to solutioning said opportunities, and concludes by enabling your business to execute and activate on the new experience.

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Jake Truemper

Jake is an innovation-minded leader, teacher, and visual thinker with a passion for methodology and collaboration. He is heavily involved in the St. Louis Experience community, and is a regular speaker at colleges, interest groups and conferences. Jake has led Experience Design initiatives for more than 60 businesses across a variety of industries, including fortune 500 companies, as well as mid-market, and startups.

Keith Pelkey

Keith is an expert at crafting strategic and operational business solutions by merging Human-Centered Design techniques and Six Sigma methods. He is a thought leader in the education and structuring of customer and workforce experience solutions that deliver measurable profitability and growth for companies. Keith has been recruited by multiple US and International companies as an executive coach to improve people and process performance.

Contat Us Foote

Incredible skills in helping clients effectively frame problems, design solutions and deliver results.

- John J. Case
President of Fashion Bed Group
Former CEO of Electrolux North America

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